About us

About Achiva, the mortgage advice service for North Auckland

Achiva Financial Services Limited is a registered financial services provider FSP Number: FSP1005772.

Achiva is a full-service Auckland financial advisory specialising in Home Loans for properties north of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. The mastermind behind Achiva is Luna Zhang, a registered financial adviser (FSP719511) with more than 15 years of banking sector experience. Luna has support people and together they form the Achiva team.

Luna is fluent in English and Mandarin. Best of all, she speaks fluent financial sector – so you can trust her to explain the jargon and legalese that comes with getting any sort of property loan. With Luna on your side, navigating through lender requirements, application forms, budgeting sessions and loan setups is less stressful. And because you’re working with a qualified financial adviser, your journey towards getting a loan is more likely to be successful.

Here’s what Luna says about her role as a mortgage and financial adviser:

“To help you get the property loan you need, I believe in the power of a well-executed plan. It all starts by understanding your goals and dreams, as well as your financial position, credit history and future prospects. Then we can work together to breaking down the barriers that stand between where you are now and where you want to be.”

“As a strong believer in empowering people to turn possibilities into realities, I provide timely advice and assist in gathering the necessary information for a lender-friendly loan application. Together, we navigate the home loan process, ensuring clarity and confidence. Additionally, I can introduce you to amazing digital tools for effective money management. With careful planning and collaboration, we’ll keep you on the path to a positive financial future.”

Luna answers your questions

What would you ask a mortgage adviser in a social situation, like around the barbecue in a friend’s backyard? We’ve gathered up some of the questions Luna gets asked most often.

I have a Master of Management, specialised in Finance from Massey University, I also hold a New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5), including: Investment; Residential Property Lending; Life, Disability and Health Insurance; and General Insurance.

Get in touch with a mortgage advisor as soon as you start thinking about buying a property.

Early contact enables you to establish what you can afford to buy, so that you can have robust conversations with real estate agents. It also means you can form an effective plan for financing your ideal property.

Mortgage advisors get paid by lenders, not borrowers. So our services are free of charge to you if you choose one of the lending solutions we suggest.

When we’re presenting you with lending options, we put your needs ahead of our financial reward. Some lenders offer higher levels of commission than others, but this doesn’t affect our judgment. You are our top priority.

If you work closely with a mortgage advisor, then decide to use a different advisor or deal directly with a lender, you might be charged a fee to cover the advisor’s time.

Another fee you need to understand is clawback. When a bank loan is refinanced within the first two years, the lender will usually clawback some of all of the commission they paid to your advisor. Generally, your advisor will pass this charge on to you.

In situations where a lender doesn’t pay a commission to an advisor, the advisor is likely to charge you based on an hourly rate. For more information about fees and charges, please refer to our Disclosure Statement.

As the saying goes “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again”. However, we might need to adjust your loan expectations or timeframe if loan approval is proving hard to get. As a team, we will analyse your application, determine the reasons for the loan application not being approved, collaborate with you, and help you create a plan to prepare for your next application.

Absolutely yes! I work with all kinds of clients, from first-home buyers to investors with multiple properties. Having the help of a mortgage adviser saves time and effort, which is important when you’re a busy property investor.

I love working with first home buyers. My personal experience with the first home buyer’s journey enables me to fully understand the challenges and excitement it entails. Additionally, I possess strategies to expedite loan repayment, saving on interest costs over the years.

My first job for you will involve helping you to establish your property price range based on how much you could borrow. Then I can help you to understand the range of deposit options, including Kāinga Ora products and other resources that could assist your home ownership mission. After that, I present the most suitable loan opportunities, so that you can make an informed decision. To round things off, I help you to get everything sorted for a streamlined settlement day.

Achiva has an office in North Auckland, but I also visit clients at times and places that suit them. A good option is a virtual meeting tools such as Zoom, MS Teams, which saves time for everyone. Fitting a mortgage advice appointment into your busy work week isn’t always easy, so I’m happy to arrange meetings after hours.

Yes! Conducting an annual review with your advisor ensures the optimisation of your loan for market conditions and alignment with your goals.

  • If your loan is coming off a fixed interest rate, your advisor can help you decide what to do next.
  • If you’re finding repayments too challenging, because of interest rate changes, your advisor can work with you to relieve the financial pressure.
  • And if you receive a windfall and wish to make a lump-sum payment on your loan, your advisor can provide guidance on how to do so in order to avoid early repayment related fees.

Just pick up the phone and call us on 021886116! Of course, you can always consult Google – internet searches like ‘best mortgage broker Auckland’, ‘mortgage advice Auckland’, ‘mortgage broker Albany’, ‘mortgage broker Orewa’ and ‘mortgage broker Takapuna’ will reveal some contenders. Before you choose a mortgage adviser or broker, check their credentials and have a phone chat, to make sure you feel comfortable with your choice.

Luna Zhang, Director, Financial Adviser (FSP719511)

I am passionate about empowering people to achieve their financial goals. With over 15 years of banking experience and digital literacy, I invest time in getting to know my clients, ensuring that I conduct all interactions with integrity and a straightforward approach.