Empower your financial journey: free resources, experts insights and online security

happy home owners

Explore a wealth of resources to empower your financial journey and pave the way to home ownership success.

  • Sorted.org.nz provides free, impartial information and calculators to help you make plans and manage your money throughout your life.
  • Discover the RBNZ Education Hub – Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding Inflation, Monetary Policy, and the Economy, and RBNZ’s Role and History – For Communities, Schools, and the General Public.
  • Your bank has budgeting tools and range of calculators to help you plan your budget and improve financial wellbeing.
  • Podcasts (Apple and Spotify) from experts can provide ideas and strategies for being smart with money. Good examples include Cooking the Books with Frances Cook and Your Money with Mary Holm.
  • Check your credit score and credit report with Credit Simple, Centrix, Equifax or Illion.
  • Find a lawyer through the New Zealand Law Society.
  • Finding a property inspector through the NZ Institute of Building Inspectors.
  • Explore home buying support from Kāinga Ora.
  • Find out about KiwiSaver.
  • Learn about the bright-line property rules for property investment.
  • Take steps to report an online scam. Cyber security problem
  • Find out how to stay safe online, to avoid scams and fraud.

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