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Get the home loan you need for North Auckland

Do you want to buy a property north of the Auckland Harbour Bridge? Whether you’re looking in Northcote or Warkworth, Achiva is your specialist North Shore mortgage advisor for home loan help.

Navigating the home loan market can be like wandering around a maze with a blindfold on. It’s confusing, right? That’s where Achiva comes in. We can look at your financial position to see if your property goals can be achieved. Then we can explain all the loan options, interest rates and repayment terms, helping you to make informed decisions that put your needs first.

Working with Achiva opens up a treasure trove of mortgage deals from various lenders – both bank and non-bank options. We do the legwork, comparing offers to identify the best interest rates and terms for you. So you can say goodbye to endless hours of research and worrying about whether you’ve explored all the options.

We’re also skilled negotiators who use our connections and experience to score you better deals from lenders. Our banking background is hugely helpful in this regard.

Applying for a mortgage can be like running a marathon, but with Achiva by your side it’s a breeze. We take care of the paperwork, ensuring everything is shipshape before submission. This boosts your chances of getting that precious loan approval without any hiccups.

Once your loan is approved and your property goal has been achieved, we keep in touch to ensure you have the most suitable loan structure going forward. As registered financial advisors, we’re in a great position to assist you on the property ownership journey.

Buying your first home

Owning your own home is a Kiwi tradition that sets the stage for future prosperity. It also feels good to know that you can paint the walls any colour you like! However, the pathway to moving-in day is full of twists and turns – especially if you don’t have someone to hold your hand.

By working with Achiva to get your first home, you’ll experience a smoother journey to first-home happiness. As registered financial advisers, we can help you explore your deposit options, work out your property price range, choose a lender and loan type, and put together the strongest possible loan application. And when the day comes to settle on your property, we help to ensure everything goes to plan.

Buying an apartment or terraced house

Apartments and terraced houses are popular choices for first home buyers and downsizers, because they’re affordable, low maintenance, and often located close to public transport and shopping.

Deposit requirements for apartments and terrace houses vary, depending on size and whether the title is freehold, leasehold or unit. For example, a non-standard apartment might require a up to 50% deposit, while a standard apartment might just need a 20% deposit, depending on the purpose of the purchase. Apartment require body corporate fees.

To understand your borrowing options and formulate a plan, talk to Achiva early in the property purchase process. We can help you to set a realistic budget and navigate the complexities of buying a property in a multi-unit complex. It’s easier to make good decisions when you have all the information at your fingertips.

Building an investment property portfolio

Whether you’re looking for your first rental property or your fifth, it’s likely you’re investing a lot of time into finding the right place and getting the financial details sorted. To get your deposit together you might be leveraging another property you own, partnering with a friend or family member or building up cash in a savings account.

You’ll also be crunching numbers to see what kind of rental yield you could expect and how much capital gain you might make over the years. And before you get serious about any property, you’ll want pre-approval from your preferred lender. All of these steps are less stressful with our help. Many of our clients are property investors, so we know all the angles and strategies.

Buying land and building

Building a home from scratch can be a little scary, because there are many stages and potential stumbling blocks. When you’re investigating loan opportunities you need to consider LVR (loan to value ratio), progress payments and the valuation of the finished property. It’s all going to be easier and less frustrating with Achiva by your side. We can help you to explore deposit options, work out affordability, identify likely lenders, understand how construction is paid for and provide financial advice all the way to completion. Building a home takes a team and we’ll be proud to be part of yours.

Buying a commercial property

Funding the purchase of a commercial property in New Zealand requires quick access to accurate information, careful planning and timely execution. Commercial property loans differ from residential mortgages and lenders assess borrowers against more factors.

To secure funding, you’ll need to demonstrate a strong business plan that outlines how the property purchase fits into your overall commercial strategy. Lenders will assess factors like:

  • the property’s potential rental income,
  • your financial position and your experience in managing commercial properties.
  • They’ll also consider the valuation of the property and insurability, as well as the term and quality of leases you’ll offer.
  • The loan-to-value ratio (LVR) is another crucial aspect in commercial property financing. A higher deposit, usually around 35% or more, will improve your chances of loan approval and may lead to more favourable interest rates.

Engaging the services of Achiva can be beneficial because we have specialised knowledge and can help you navigate the complexities of commercial property lending, matching you with suitable lenders and loan options.

Funding a property development or subdivision

Obtaining a loan in New Zealand to fund a property development or subdivision requires careful preparation and a solid business plan. Banks and lenders are cautious when financing such ventures, as they involve higher risks than traditional home loans.

First and foremost, you need a well-thought-out development or subdivision proposal. This should include a comprehensive feasibility study, cost estimates, market analysis and a clear timeline for the project. Having experience in property development or a successful track record in real estate can significantly increase your chances of loan approval. It also helps to have an experienced mortgage broker on your side, to offer advice and assistance.

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