“This is an exceptional level of service”

I was very sceptical of going to a mortgage broker, and always dealt with the bank directly. I was really impressed with knowledge, her broaden perspective, and thought-provoking questions that may me rethink of the way I structure my home loan to consider offset future risks and savings in a long run. This is an exceptional level of service that I have not experienced from the Bank in the past.

I highly recommend Luna for her warm and professional care throughout the refinance process. She made the whole process hassle free, and kept us informed every step. She’s well connected in the industry, and has always been so proactive in following up on our behalf. I’d highly recommend Luna for your next home you’re thinking to purchase, or you have an existing home loan that you just need a second option.

Jing Y

“Our home buying experience was smooth and successful”

Luna was an invaluable guide throughout our home buying journey. Her caring, relaxed, and straightforward approach made everything easy to follow. She’s a great listener, always finding solutions, and knowledgeable. From getting loan approval, discussing ways to structure our loan, until house settlement, she was with us every step of the way. Luna’s seamless mix of virtual and in-person interactions made the process not only effective but enjoyable. Thanks to her caring expertise, our home buying experience was smooth and successful. Highly recommended.

Bianca & Sam

“What truly sets her apart is her honesty and commitment”

Contacting Luna before purchasing land and building our dream home was a game-changer. Her ability to explain complex financial matters in a straightforward way was impressive. One valuable piece of advice was to secure both land and future build loan indicative approvals, give us peace of mind about the ability to borrow and build our dream home with confidence. Her knowledge and experience made her a reliable and trusted advisor throughout the process. But what truly sets her apart is her honesty and commitment to finding answers promptly. We felt we could entrust everything to her, and she delivered. Highly recommended.